Xilo & Ihos

The traditional instrument luthery Workshop “Xilo & Ihos” (Wood & Sound) opened in 1997 at Thessaloniki, Greece. It is situated at the region of Polihni. Alexios Rotskos' first contact with the art of luthery starts off in a small space at 27 Kappathokias st. It is in this not very giving place with little equipment available but with lots of enthusiasm where the course of the shop started.

As the time passed the demands and the musicians that seeked our help increased so the activity expanded in the year 2000 to a new, bigger building, situated at 31 Eptalofou st.

Since the beginning of 2008 until September 2013 the workshop was relocated at 25 Mikras Asias st., also at the region of Kato Touba.

Nowadays our workshop is located at 127 Leoforos Stratou at the region of Polihni, at the first floor of a spacious building, with easy access and plenty of parking space


 There is a continuously rising status at the construction field, as more and more musicians trust us.



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