The luthier’s profile

The luthier and owner of the shop Alexios Rotskos was born in Thessaloniki in 1973.

He graduated with a class A degree from a state technical school and it was clear from an early time that he has aptitude generally in arts and mechanological drawing

His contact with the world of music was as a listener in the beginning, showing nevertheless much respect to the art of music.   

After the army obligations at the age of 21 he plays the bouzouki for the first time. At this time takes place his “acquaintance” with the art of luthery through the exquisite luthier Yannis Alexandris.

He studies for about a year close to his teacher who was a milestone for his future course.

Since 1995 Alexios Rotskos manufactures musical instruments as an amateur until 1997, when he starts his professional career in luthery.


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