The Workshop’s profile

The effort of constant improvement and standardization of the quality with faith in tradition have made us together with the use of classical techniques to adopt and familiarize with modern equipment so that the final result copes with the higher demands of our age. The selection of the best material based on their texture and maturation is a basic presupposition for the best possible sound and endurance of the instruments. Experience and the accumulative know-how have opened

new horizons to his perspective of the instrument making art.

Today, after about ten years of evolution and upwards course to creation, the shop keeps its work in a romantic mood, having of course set as a primary target the maximization of construction quality 

In the “XILO & IHOS” luthier’s shop we manufacture: 

Bouzoukia 6-string and 8-string
Guitars (Classical and Acoustic)
Prototype-patented instruments


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