Our workshop has since 12/05/2008 patended a truly pioneer product: the "Silent" bouzouki.

The patend, numbered 1004879, regards an instrument that was initially developed by Alexios only to satisfy his personal need to practice bouzouki whenever he felt like, without being of nuissance to anybody

There are many reasons that make the silent bouzouki a truly useful innovation. It offers the same characteristics as the traditional bouzouki, as far as the feel is concerned. It is played in exactly the same way as the normal bouzouki, but differs in that it is not as loud, because of the lack of the bowl. A plastic belt has been installed instead, so that the size of the back is simulated for support and functionality.

The benefits are obvious:

  • It may be used by those who want to play music either for practicing or entertainment without annoying others around them
  • It offers the sentation of the electric sound with the use of the pick up

  • It can connect to:

    1. Headphones directly on the instrument's electrical system

    2. An amplifier or console

  • It is distorion and buzz free on greater volumes. Therefore it is ideal to play with in larger halls, as well as for studio recording. SAMPLE
  • The professional players can use the headphones as a personal monitor, with the instrument being simultaneously connected to the console
  • Technical characteristics

    The prototype electronic system offers the following adjustment knobs:

    1.Headphones volume

    2. Bass and treble frequencies





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