What is a silent bouzouki?

Since 12/5/2005, our workshop holds the Patent for quite an innovative musical instrument: the so-called “silent” bouzouki.

Basically it is the electric version of a greek bouzouki and offers all the characteristics of the respective acoustic instrument as to the «feeling» a musician gets. It is played in exactly the same way, the only difference being that it doesn’t produce the same amount volume……WHY is that??

It has no bowl (back)!

The back has been repaced by a plastic bridge so as to maintain the feeling of weight, support and operability.

The silent was born out of the maker’s, Alexios Rotskos’, personal need to play the bouzouki at whatever time of the day, at a building apartment, without disturbing his neighbors.

Does this ring a bell?

But it does much more than being “silent”!

Its custom made pickup and preamp system turn it into the absolute tool for the amateur or professional player.

PRO – electronics

The system “PRO” employs a unique technology with alternative flexibility for studio recordings and acoustic performances. Suitable with P.A. consoles and acoustic amplifiers. Compatible with most wireless systems and effect pedals.


Slim pickup gives excellent string balance by using a separate magnetic field on each string.

Active Unit – PREAMP

The unit includes smooth-action controls and connection jacks.

Selector switch ( Passive / Active)

Volume control – knob

Gain controller – Pot

Equaliser ( Low / High ) – Knobs

1/4 output jack

Headphones volume control – knob

3.5mm headphones jack

9 Volt battery clip (6F22)

Perfect to use in

Studio recordings

Live shows

Or just playing at home with the original bouzouki electric sound.


Is this an acoustic instrument?

NO it isn’t!!!

Could you tell from the first picture?

This is the PRO II model designed to have the looks of an acoustic, with the benefits of the silent.

Choose the colour and model that suits you best or even suggest your own design.

Complete the order form on our website, including the details of the instrument you are interested in and we will get back to you ASAP…

and don’t forget…